Eat My Wake! – Unity iPhone Game

Back in 2014, myself and a work colleague (also called Mike) created and released a mobile game called “Eat My Wake!” which was available to play from the iTunes app store. Its no longer iOS compatible and has been removed from the app store, but I now maintain a WebGL version which you can access here:

The game was a 2D top down scrolling action game where the player needed to maneuver a speedboat and water-skier through the crocodile and shark infested waters of the Amazon river, trying to get as far as possible before either crashing or the time running out.

It was made entirely in Unity, with myself writing all game code and (the other) Mike creating all of the artwork. Its pretty good fun to play and although it didn’t exactly set the world on fire, it did teach me a lot about creating and releasing mobile games with Unity.

The game is completely free, so please download it and let me know what you think!

screen568x568 screen568x5682 screen568x5683

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