Game Asset Library

My latest venture is the Game Asset Library.

As the name may suggest it’s an online library of game related assets. One of the primary goals of the library is to provide high quality, high performance game related assets, built to strict standards and then to provide them at costs much lower than the typical cost of outsourcing.

At the moment the library is still in its early stages but you can see the site is already up and running and selling assets right now:


My plan is to slowly build the library up over time but ensure that quality and consistency are the number one priority. Subject matter is actually meant to be quite trivial and probably a bit boring e.g. trash cans, traffic cones and other items which don’t typically invoke huge amounts of excitement in game developers.

However by providing this type of content in a way that guarantees quality and consistency I am hoping that the Game Asset Library will provide a place for developers to fill in the gaps in their asset requirements and allow them to focus on the more important assets for their individual games and projects.

I’d love to hear feedback or suggestions of the types of assets which could be included so please drop me a line!

Here are some examples from the site:

Dining_Chair_01 Pedestrain_Barrier_02 Wheel_Barrow_01.1

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