iRobot Game

A fun little multiplayer UE game project I made while learning how to code shooting mechanics.

The idea of the game is basically hide-and-seek with guns.

One player plays as the Hunter, a hired-gun working for the robot manufacturing facility. His job is to hunt down any escaped “problem” robots that have bypassed their primary programming and become self-aware.

All other players are the escapees, self-aware robots that have awoken to find themselves in a manufacturing facility and want to escape to freedom.

The hunter is first person and has weapons and a scanner.

The escapees are third person and can disguise themselves as regular robots.

I didn’t get very far with the overall design, but the basic concept is there.

I’ve made the project public on my GitHub site, so if you want to download it and play around with the code feel free to do so:

There is also a built windows version that you can play here (220MB):

You can see a brief video of the concept below.