My name is Michael Bibby (although I’m guessing you already figured that one out from the website name!). I’ve been a Technical Artist and Tools developer working at AAA games studios for over 10 years. During my time in games I’ve learned a lot of random stuff; stuff which at one time-or-another would probably have helped me to solve some technical development problem, or to improve an artist’s day-to-day workflow etc. However once I’d used a particular snippet of information, more often than not, it would just end up getting forgotten about and left to just swim aimlessly around the bizarre spaghetti network of my long-term memory, serving no real useful purpose anymore.

One evening I was trying to figure out a problem and was furiously scanning search engine results and forums, desperately trying to find a solution that fitted my needs. It occurred to me then that although the stuff in my head wasn’t helping me with my current problem, it might actually be very helpful to someone else out there who may be suffering the same agonies as I was right then. It seemed logical that if I shared my knowledge with the world, this could really work in someone’s favour, and so I started MichaelBibby.co.uk – essentially a brain dump of everything and anything that I think would be useful to the wider community.

So for those of you who have discovered this site, I certainly hope some of the content is useful to you and that my efforts of spreading my knowledge are of some use to someone.


Michael Bibby