Bathroom Project 2018


OK, so this is not a woodworking project, but due to the sheer scale of this particular project, I really wanted to add it to the site.

We bought a house at the tail end of 2017 and it was a pretty major do-er up-er and one of the first things we needed to sort out was the bathroom.

We spent a bit of time trying to decide what we wanted and soon discovered that the cost of this work would have been pretty spectacular! So I decided to have a go myself.

One of the major issues with this particular project though was that the bathroom needed to remain usable pretty much throughout! So I couldn’t just gut it and work on it over a series of weeks because we needed at least to have a bath available to wash in. Fortunately we had a second toilet and sink, but the bath was an issue…and of course, in a bathroom, you can’t put in a new bath until you have done a decent amount of the basic groundwork first.

Anyway, as usual with my projects, I designed the project in 3D on the computer first. This was really useful because it helped us to figure out what design we liked but also how the tiling should be arranged and how much material I needed to buy etc.

From here on out it was just a slog to get it done. There was 1 week where Rachael and Olivia went to stay with her parent’s for a few days, which was the point at which I ripped out the old bath and tried to get the new one in, but I’ll be honest it took longer than expected and we did need to ask to use friend’s showers for a few days while I got it all sorted.

Its not completely finished in these pictures, I still have to add finishing touches like skirting boards and doors on the boiler cupboard! But you get the general idea.

Anyway, here are the pictures…enjoy